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Evidence by video link

Live video link to courts in the UK and around the world. We can bridge the witness with the court from our dedicated facility, a similar facility anywhere in the world, or direclty from a personal computer of the witness. The service includes testing in advance and a dedicated support during the meeting.


Witness can travel to the nearest dedicated video conferencing facility, or we can bridge the link directly to the witness’s personal device with a webcam, such as laptop, tablet or even smartphone.


Our service includes both provision of the facility and bridging, communicating with the court’s technician, arranging and condicting testing, providing dedicated live support before and during the event.


We have extensive experience facilitating video links to hundreds of courts in the UK and around the world. Video conferencing with courts still often conducted over ISDN, which requires bridging in most cases.


How can I make a booking?

If you prefer to the witness to attend our central London facility, you can check live availability, options and cost of all video link rooms here>>. Then you can continue to place your reservation. Alternatively, you can email us your questions or requirements, use the chat window at the bottom of the page (when available), or give us a call.

What does your service include?

Our service includes finding the most suitable option, whether it’s our facility, another dedicated facility anywhere in the world or bridge to a personal computer. They we will insure the test is done and provide dedicated support during the video link with the court.

How do I pay?

An invoice will be created at the end of the booking, your card charged and itemised receipt / invoice) will be emailed to you in PDF format. If you prefer to be invoiced and pay by BACS, you can request in in the booking notes. For legal aid cases, a note of the multiple party payment can be included in the invoice.

Do I need to have any specific knowledge to use your facility?

No, we are a dedicated video conference facility, linking remote participants daily. Simply turn up and our experienced technician will do the rest. During each bridging session, an experienced technician will support the video link and assist all participants.

What if my meeting runs overtime?

You will be able to continue your meeting as long as the room is available. Overtime will be changed at the standard rate in 15 minute slots. However, to guarantee that the meeting can continue for as long as you need we recommend reserving the time in advance.

Are you compatible with the courts?

We connect to courts in the UK and in other countries regularly. We know how courts operate and what technology they use. Our systems are compatible with those used by the courts, and we support both IP and ISDN connectivity.


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